New Application Forms for Different Licenses & Revision of Fees Structure

  • New application forms for different categories of Licenses/Certifications have been uploaded on the website along with revision of fees for each category of license.
  • These forms will be applicable from 20th Dec 2020 onwards.
  • All doctors can apply for renewal of forms 3 months prior to expiry in case of full license & 01 month after expiry date without any late fee surcharge.
  • After 01 month of expiry, a late fees surcharge of Rs.2000/- per month will be charged.
  • • A grace period of 01 month is given hereafter & this surcharge will be levied on all applications received in PMC on 1st april,2021 & thereafter(NO FURTHER EXTENSION WILL BE GRANTED ).
  • Till that time late fees surcharge will be levied as per old forms, i.e. Rs.2000/- per annum.
  • All doctors whose PMC registration is expired are advised to renew their licenses immediately.
  • All renewal cases will be renewed for 02 years this time & thereafter these may be renewed for up to 05 years.
  • All payments from applicants within Pakistan should be made by Demand Draft in favor of ” Pakistan Medical Commission”
  • Overseas applicants are requested to send their Application, documents and proof of transaction on
  • All payments from applicants outside Pakistan can be made by ONLINE TRANSACTION(ONLY FOR OVERSEAS)in the following account:
    IBAN # PK43 UNIL 0109 0002 0003 1378,
    BRANCH CODE: 1200,
  1. All applicants who remit online fee/ through wire transfer may please note that SBP does not allow remittance if the identity of remitter & beneficiary and the purpose of remittance is not clearly indicated as per ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING, COMBATING THE FINANCING OF TERRORISM & COUNTERING PROLIFERATION FINANCING (AML/ CFT/ CPF) REGULATIONS .
    In view of above, the applicant doctor may please be advised to clearly indicate the identity of remitter (the applicant) with unique reference/account number, details of beneficiary i.e. "Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC)" and purpose of remittance i.e. "Licensing/Registration Fee etc."
  2. It is pertinent to mention here that new fees have incorporated many minor separate fees which were levied previously. There will be No separate courier fees for inland addresses, however for overseas addresses a separate courier fees will be levied.